Q. What types of services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services tailored to meet your individual needs. Generally speaking, our services can be broken into 3 categories: services for children, services for parents/caregivers, & services for preschools. In short, some of those services are:

DIRFloortime Therapy-- sessions offered in your home, at your child's preschool, in their classroom, and/or in the community

Preschool Consulting & Support-- including professional development trainings & workshops

Play Groups & Social Skills Groups-- for children ages 6 months to 5th grade

Support Groups-- free of charge for adults, offered monthly

Special Education Support/Advocacy-- assistance with navigating the special education process & advocating for strengths-based IEPs

Q. Do you take insurance for DIRFloortime therapy?

Unfortunately, DIRFloortime is not a service that is covered under health insurance in Virginia (hopefully one day it will be!), therefore our services are all self-pay. We understand how expensive things can get, and we are doing everything we can to keep our costs affordable to ensure that your child is able to benefit from services. While we cannot bill insurance, we do offer a discounted rate for children who qualify for Medicaid.

Q. What payment methods do you accept for services? Can we make payment arrangements?

We accept cash, checks, and debit/credit card payments through Venmo. Payment is due at the time of service. If your child receives DIRFloortime therapy, we do offer the option of being billed weekly or bi-weekly for sessions. These options will be discussed prior to the start of services. All families will sign a financial agreement prior to the start of services as well.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy for DIRFloortime sessions?

Yes, we do have a cancellation policy for DIRFloortime sessions. If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice, you will not be billed for services. We understand that things happen & sometimes you need to cancel the day of or at the last minute. If you have to cancel because you or your child is sick, then we will not charge a cancellation fee. For any other reason that requires you to cancel day of, we charge a $35 cancellation fee-- however, this fee will be credited back to you if you reschedule the session and make it up within seven days.

Q. What are your rates?

Costs associated with DIRFloortime Therapy are as follows:

  • Initial Evaluation: $200 (flat rate; includes parent/caregiver interview, observation, & follow-up meeting to discuss developmental levels & potential therapy goals)

  • Floortime Session: $100/hour (prorated for shorter sessions)

***We also offer 2 Floortime "package deals" where families can purchase a 5-session package or a 10-session package at a discounted rate. We'll go over this prior to the start of services if it's something you are interested in!***

Costs associated with Preschool Consulting & Support vary based on the individual needs of the preschool/childcare center. We'll discuss rates based on what exactly you are looking for (whether it is on-site support, resource development, staff support, structured play groups, etc.) We do offer package deals for professional development training as follows:

  • The Basic (your choice of 1 hour PD training): $110

  • The Basic Plus (your choice of 1.5 hour PD training plus breakout activity & guided discussion): $150

  • The Trio (half day workshop with your choice of 3 PD trainings offered back-to-back w/ short breaks in between): $275

  • The Works (full day workshop with 2 sessions in the morning, a lunch break, followed by 2 more sessions & a closing activity): $450 (**we can provide lunch for an additional fee**)

Costs associated with Play Groups & Social Skills Groups are as follows:

  • Drop-In Rate: $20

  • 6-Week Session: $100

***We will offer several specials where Play Groups & Social Skills Groups will be FREE of charge. Stay tuned for details on FREE Play Groups & Social Skill Groups to begin in May 2022!***

There are no costs or fees associated with our Support Groups. These are always free of charge!

Costs associated with Special Education Advocacy vary based on each family's individual needs. We'll discuss rates based on what exactly you are looking for (whether it be IEP review, attending meetings, etc.)