Who We Are

The why behind it all.

Inspired Early Childhood Development, LLC was created off the idea that we, as a society & as a culture, are too often trying to change children... especially when they don't quite fit the mold or, most notably, when they are diagnosed with something like autism spectrum disorder. When my son was first diagnosed with autism at age 2, doctors and specialists wasted no time in telling me that we could start intensive therapy to "correct" his behaviors and "make him" more socially acceptable. "No thanks," I told doctors. I had a different plan. I was going to find therapy for my son that would build off his strengths, nurture his natural curiosity and his interests, and help him blossom. Little did I know, this type of therapy didn't really exist in our area.

We started occupational therapy and speech therapy and worked with some fabulous therapists who introduced us to DIRFloortime, and I was hooked. A therapy that built off my son's strengths and NOT his deficits; a therapy that builds on the power of strong, supportive relationships and views the family as the most important piece of the puzzle. It was almost too good to be true! I learned everything I could and then I learned more. We started utilizing Floortime with my son and the engagement we saw was incredible. He was happy, interacting in purposeful two-way communication, and advocating for his sensory needs. I learned about his interests and entered his world. My relationship with him grew deeper than I could have imagined and I saw first-hand how impactful the DIRFloortime approach can be. It made me feel powerful as a parent and for the first time, I felt fully equipped to be the best advocate I could be for my son.

As I learned more about DIRFloortime, I realized that it is soooo much more than a therapeutic approach. It's a whole life approach that can inspire you, motivate you, and light your soul on fire. It allows you to be fully present, utilize self-reflection, and address your own triggers that may impede your progress. I knew I wanted to share this approach with others-- especially other families who have children with special needs, particularly in the preschool-age range where there seems to be a big gap in available services. I've decided to combine my love of early childhood education and Floortime to bring about true, meaningful change in the way we tackle early intervention and how we address challenging behaviors. Through a relationship-driven approach to development, I want to empower children and their families to be the best they can be with the resources, support, and guidance needed to be successful.